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Foodie Thoughts

July 8, 2010

Ate cold dinner. Walked on the Charles in search of a breeze (futile). Went to J.P. Licks because it was the only other cold thing I could think of to do. Considered sleeping with cold cans of Polar seltzer surounding my body, settled on a cold shower instead. Dreamt I was trapped in an oven. Oh wait, that wasn’t a dream.

Still nothin’ cookin’ on Marlborough street, literally, so I wanted to share some of my more foodie thoughts of the day.

1. Pretzel M&M’s.

Have you heard of these guys? They are awesome. I bought two packs from my office vending machine today. They are the perfect cubicle snack- crunchy, kinda sweet, kinda salty. Warning- you will be embarrassed by the amount of times you will be seen getting up from your cube, walking to the vending machine, and returning with the crinkly blue pouch of GOLD in your hand while everyone else is busy being adulty and not eating snacks. Just hold it low by your side and try not to make eye contact. That’s what I do. Also, try not to crunch too loudly, people might get curious and make the trip to the vending machine to follow suit (taking the last two packs twisted into the wire coil). Or they might just get weirded out. Anyways, they really are delicious. They are a little larger than peanut M&M’s and are filled with a round pretzel. Since there is more pretzel than chocolate, they don’t even have that many calories- 150 (but who am I kidding, I really would care if they 1,500 calories)! Might be time for vending machine lap number 3?

2. Jam

Yesterday’s post about peaches and plums has been making me think of food memories. It is said that your sense of smell has a very powerful link to memory and can trigger memory more easily than any other sense. Since smell and taste are so closely linked, I wonder if food memories are equally powerful? I have a hard time forgetting the taste or texture of anything. The other day, I entered the timeless argument of jelly vs. jam in a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. I am a jam sort of girl, or whole fruit. I could eat peanutbutter and jelly sandwichs everyday for the rest of my life. But only if my mom makes them- she just has the ratio down. I can still feel the soft wheat bread as I lovingly pulled it out of its plastic sandwich bag. The bread would stick slightly to the roof of my mouth as all of the flavors melted into one. The texture of the jam, with its little seeds, being just as important as the creamyness of the peanutbutter. As a freshman in college, whenever my mom would come to visit she would be sure to bring a few with her. What a mom. I don’t even make them because I just cant pull it off the way she can. I have even tried making them and letting them sit in a plastic sandwich bag for awhile, maybe that was the key to her success? Not really. After the jam vs. jelly argument though, the same friend presented me some Stonewall Kitchen Strawberry Jam. It was delicious on toast this morning. What a good gift.

3. Food Books that are not cook books

Not very artfully phrased, but what do you call those? I have been searching for these sorts of books for the last few weeks. I picked up The Foodie Handbook by Pim Techamuanvivit. I had read her blog a few times, so the name caught my eye. At first I thought it would be a cookbook, but it really is more of a handbook….hence the name I guess. She provides recipes along with her own foodie thoughts, as well as her insight on “how to become a foodie.” I enjoyed it, and will keep it as a reference. Her pad thai looks awesome. I am dying to read a few others though that are of a simialar genre. Namely, the Kitchen Diaries. Luisa at The Wednesday Chef speaks so highly of it, and as I enjoy her writing (and cooking) imensly, I know it is going to be a good read. I am also looking forward to reading another bloggers book, A Homemade Life by Orangette blogger Molly Wizenburg. I have picked it up a few times and am again caught up in the quality of the writing and her ability to capture those same food memories I mentioned above. Any others I should read?

Sorry about lack of recipes and the lack of cooking- things will go back to normal once the heat wave dissapates. I miss my Le Creuset. And Sweet Baby Rays on chicken tenders on a non-gourmet night.


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