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Boston Local Food Festival

October 5, 2010

On Saturday we were graced with another beautiful fall day- a nice light breeze and warm sunshine. We ventured out to the Boston Local Food Festival in Fort Point, right by the Children’s Museum. The festival featured samples of delicious local food as well as information about the benefits of eating local. Where else would I want to be on a beautiful Saturday? Samples? Check. Local food? Double check. Another aspect of the festival we found interesting was its focus on being waste free- trash cans were blocked and replaced with compost and recycling centers. We were shocked at the amount of what we considered trash could avoid ending up in a landfill. Despite the long lines, we found the festival to be informative and delicious. Some highlights were the Maine Root pumpkin pie soda (I am so into pumpkin anything these days) and blueberry soda- both different, but sweet and refreshing. The cheese burgers from Bistro 5 were also great- I especially loved the homemade condiments. Our favorite by far though, were the samples of Grillo’s pickles! Now if only we could get the recipe and revamp our own pickles….

Some of my fellow Boston Bloggers were able to capture some great pictures as well as provide a wonderful overview of the festival. Next time I find myself at one of these, I need to remember to take pictures. I guess I was just too excited to taste all of the local goodies! Here are a few of my favorite Boston Blogs highlighting their experiences at the festival. Their pictures are beautiful and they were able to snag some samples I missed!

The ladies at Wicked Domestic took some fabulous pictures and seemed as excited as I was to try everything. I wish I had waited in line for a fancy grilled cheese at the Grilled Cheese Nation Truck- looks amazing!

Once Upon A Small Boston Kitchen, a blog I am new to, also took some great pictures- you can also see what a beautiful day it was and the beautiful waterfront location.

Another new favorite of mine, Fun and Fearless in Beantown, took some wonderful pictures of all of the featured local produce.

Next week, it is my turn for supper club. I think I am going to go with something inspired by fall- maybe something with butternut squash? Cranberries? Pumpkins? I’m not sure yet but I am looking for something to highlight those homey, soul-warming flavors found in this season’s produce. Help!

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