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Modernity Slowly Seeping in

February 9, 2011

I always get a little jealous of those people who live in the big cities like New York, San Francisco, D.C.  I mean, they just have so much more available to them.  They are right in the centers of the American cupcake industry, all those delicious little treasures right at their fingertips, and I don’t even get a tiny bite. Everyone raves to me about Magnolia’s and Sprinkles, and Georgetown Cupcakes and, cupcake fanatic that I am, I can’t stand being left behind in the dust.  To be fair, I was in a cupcake haven for three months in London, and actually did some extensive research and exhaustive taste testing to find the absolute best (Bea’s of Bloomsbury was by far the clear winner), but now that’s all gone…and I don’t really want to talk about it.

So when I want back to school, the shift from the somewhat suburbs with maybe cupcake access to the middle of no where with no kitchen and the only cupcake option being the little plastic container from Kroger, left me, yeah, I’ll say it, a little depressed.

But then things changed.

Apparently while I was living it up in London Town, an angel of a lady name Courtney Pedigo decided to descend from the heavens and bring some cupcakes with her to the downtown area by my school.  Thus began Cocolicious Cupcakes, the newest bane of my existence.  I’m actually surprised at myself for not immediately going there the minute I discovered their Facebook page, but something kept me at bay.  Maybe the slight bit of doubt that a town this behind the times could produce something modern and decent.  I even found out that, before knowing the exact location, I had literally walked right by it, but their lack of storefront façade just left my eyes staring straight forward at the pavement.  But then, the cupcake fairy decided to finally make a move, landed on my shoulder and, shouted in my ear, “what are you waiting for?”

I had no excuse…So I went.


Thank goodness the interior of the shop didn’t reflect the slightly drab outside. A retro black and white tiled floor, hot pink walls, a sweet little sitting area, and the overwhelming scent of sugar greeted me instead.  The front counter displayed the cupcakes behind a glass case as they sat so pretty on their silver trays.  A HUGE chalkboard behind listed the varieties, a description of each included, serving to translate the crazy names like Rojolicious (almond buttercream on red velvet) and the Five-0 (coffee buttercream and a donut glaze on vanilla cake).  What pleased me the most was the shortage of options.  Well, that doesn’t sound right, does it?   But to me, this meant that they were baked fresh and in small batches every day, and even though the peanut butter and chocolate ran out, the rest were still sure to be delicious.

It took forever to decide but I settled on the chocolate cookie cupcake (chocolate chocolate chip cake with chocolate buttercream and a cookie on top) and the Breakfast Cupcake (maple buttercream on a vanilla cake filled with maple syrup and bacon).  And practicing my amazing self-restraining powers, I held off eating until I could subject the cakes to a little photoshoot.  After that, I finally felt I deserved to resolutely stab the frosting with my finger for a lovely taste.  Both were really quite good too.  The cake itself was so moist and just had that fresh, unprocessed taste and texture that you only get with made-from-scratch cake. The chocolate cake was especially impressive and had such a rich, well, chocolaty flavor. The tops of the cake were really crispy and the non-uniformity and sticky, crunchy bits gave them a nice touch of character.  The frosting was just the way I like it too.  I hate when frosting is too powdered sugary, and is sickly sweet, cloying in the mouth, and gets that nasty crusty layer on the outside that signifies it’s just been sitting out for too long.  Instead the frosting on these cupcakes, like the ones at Bea’s, was really whipped and buttery and light and fluffy and most definitely not too sweet.  It was kind of refreshing in a way despite the fact I was basically eating butter.

So now my living situation is even harder because I have to resist rushing to Cocolicious every day for one of their wonderful treasures.  But now I know that if I ever need a cupcake pick-me-up, it’s just a ten-minute walk away.  It’s not New York, but these are so good, who cares?

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  1. April 7, 2011 12:25 pm

    I’ve been meaning to try Cocolicious Cupcakes for a while now and you just convinced me that I need to go sooner, rather than later. That breakfast cupcakes sounds amazing!


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